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I’m working hard on a new Thorn novel.  A bit more than halfway through.  This one has been delayed by a couple of medical issues.

First, in the fall of 2018, I decided to face the increasing arthritic pain in my right hand.  I elected to have surgery to remove the arthritic bone at the base of my thumb.  Otherwise known as CMC arthroplasty.  The main reason I did this is so I could play tennis pain free, or at least with less pain.  Two or three years back I could play for a couple of hours or more, but last year I was down to about half an hour before the pain was so intense I had to quit.

So after the surgery last fall my right hand was in a cast for a month, and has been recovering ever since.  I’m scheduled to go out and hit some balls tomorrow if the good weather holds.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Early in March of 2019 (still unable to play tennis but working away on the new Thorn) our car was struck by another car that ran a stop sign.  Our car totaled.  The only serious injury was a broken knuckle on my left hand.  Hence, another cast and then a brace and now, a month and a half later, my typing is pretty slow and arduous.

So here’s a video of an earlier version of me when my hands were intact and Thorn was streaming out my fingertips.  Hope that begins again very soon.




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