A Key West thriller featuring the creepiest, scariest, funniest bad guy ever. Dougie Barnes has no pain threshold and he loves a good rhyme.

Paramedic Shaw Chandler knows Miami’s nitty-gritty all too well. But when a routine suicide call uncovers his long-lost father, it’s anything but routine-and it appears it’s anything but suicide. Then Shaw’s mother falls victim to financial fraud, leaving Shaw with no choice but to return home to Key West-and into the arms of his old flame soap opera actress Trula Montoya. Trula’s got her own skeletons and reasons for returning to Key West. Rekindling her relationship to Shaw can only complicate her life. But Trula and Shaw are about to learn that they can no longer run from their secrets or the past as they discover a lethal conspiracy and science run amok. And when a psychotic, rhyming killer is added to the mix, they must stop an evil that could spell doom to all.

“Wry plotting and robust writing, winsome heroes and outrageous villains: another first-rate spin by Hall” — Kirkus Review

“James W. Hall can scare one to death, but he’s always in control of his story, which is laid out in rather sharp, and often beautiful, prose.” — Los Angeles Times

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