Eighteen years ago, a girl shot down a rapist while her father’s lawnmower sputtered in the yard outside. Somewhere in the heat and shadows of that day, Alexandra Rafferty took on the burden of her deed, and forged a bond of silence with her cop father. But now Alexandra’s husband has left, her father is clinging to his health, and a Miami serial killer is leaving behind death scenes that go beyond the horrific. For Alexandra, her life and work are exploding–exposing the truth about the killer she seeks, the lover she’s choosing, and one summer afternoon that has never gone away…

“A first rate thriller by a masterful writer.”–James Patterson

“Hall shows himself to be an ingenious plotter…In Alex he has created a character to care about.”–People

Body Language is James Hall showing off all his best stuff. Complex and edgy, engrossing and masterful. This book’s a cut above the rest. It’s his very best.”–Michael Connelly

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